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Women Over 55: Are You A Quitter?

Women Over 55: Are You A Quitter?

When do we learn to quit? I’ve heard people say that it’s really good that we learn to walk when we do because we wouldn’t have the patience later in our lives. Babies learning to walk take a wobbly step and fall down. They get up and take another wobbly step and fall...

Women Over 55: What Are You Holding Onto?

Women Over 55: What Are You Holding Onto?

My good friend, Lynn, and I were talking about the passing of months and how quickly time seems to be going. I said that I really like June because it is like Friday. When she asked me to say more about that, I explained that if June is Friday, that means July is...

Women Over 55: Do You Feel You Belong?

Women Over 55: Do You Feel You Belong?

Last week I was, again, at the gym riding in my outdoor spin class. Right next to our bikes is a playground for kids in first through ninth grade. During our class I would guess it was the sixth graders who were out playing. The boys were doing whatever boys do. I...

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