We are on the cusp of a major social change. Can you feel it? Join your host, Sara Hart, as she brings you conversations that will inspire, celebrate and empower women over 55. It is time for us to fuel the spark that will ignite our way forward, illuminate our path and reflect our gifts in the world. This is our Prime Spark for living a fulfilling life.

September 13th

Leigh Lincoln was a struggling single mom who started journaling to cope with her situation. From that journaling, her first novel was born. This was followed by three more novels and more to come! You’ll find Leigh delightful as she describes her journey.

September 6th

Gina Maier Vincent has been stretching her high-achieving clients’ personal boundaries for twenty years. In 2017 she founded Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty. More recently she launched Exquisitely Aligned, a 3-step proven strategy she discovered during one of her hardest times. Gina also hosts Exquisitely Aligned podcast and TV show. You will love listening to Gina talk about her work. You can find her at exquisitelyaligned.com.

August 30th

Ingrid Saenger is a Health and Fitness coach, a Personal Trainer and the founder of Choose Well Coaching, whose goal is to help others become the healthiest version of themselves by incorporating sustainable habits & behaviors into their daily life. You will love listening to Ingrid and you will learn a lot!

August 23rd

Susan Davis and CiCi Stewart co-created Life Matters Workshop ~ Getting Your Affairs Together . . .TOGETHER, radiating inspiration and motivation for women over 55 to gain the peace of mind of having their affairs in order, and leaving a legacy of kindness for their loved ones after they are gone. You will love listening to Susan and Cici talk about this important topic.

August 16th

Nancy “Autumn” Nessler, M.S., is a Certified Retirement Options Coach specializing in assisting Women to Reinvent “What’s Next”, especially their Post-Career Life. Her company, An Intentional Life, LLC, helps women live life on their own terms, i.e., Live an Intentional Life. You will learn so much from listening to Autumn!

August 9th

Dr. Joseph Casciani has a 35-year history in aging as a psychologist and manager of mental health practices. He was awarded the first contracts from the California Department of Aging in 1982 to develop mental health training for the state’s nursing homes. In 2018, he extended his professional interest in aging to his new venture, the Living to 100 Club. You will love listening to Joe talk about his work.

August 2nd

Karen Roberts received an MS degree in human development after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990. In graduate school Karen had a concentration in longevity and phenomenology. She is the author of the recently published The Blossoming of Women: A Workbook on Growing from Older to Elder. You will love listening to Karen talk about her work.

July 26th

Sam Horn is the Founder/CEO of The Intrigue Agency. Her 3 TEDx talks and 10 books – including POP! Tongue Fu!, SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week, and Talking on Eggshells, have been featured in NY Times and taught to hundreds of organizations including Intel, Accenture, and Oracle. Sam is practical and down to earth. You will love listening to her talk about her newest book Talking on Eggshells.

July 19th

Lily Iona MacKenzie, a poet and novelist who also writes nonfiction, grew up on a Canadian farm with all the animals as her teachers and playmates. The clouds in the big sky above offered images that stirred her imagination. Lily has published four novels, several books of poetry, and a memoir. You will love listening to Lily talk about her life of writing.

July 12th

After a very successful 31 year career in a series of scientific and matrix leadership roles, Sarah Kelly retired from Pfizer Inc. She now heads a consulting company and serves on the boards of a couple of organizations in Mystic, CT. Sarah joined me for the podcast from her boat at a wharf on Cape Cod. You will love listening to Sarah talk about her journey to retirement and beyond.

July 5th

Carrie Pierce has written professionally for over twenty years, building a solid international reputation. Recognizing how traditional publishing often doesn’t work well for writers, Carrie and her business partner Sandra Morgan founded Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing several years ago. You will love listening to Carrie talk about her life and work.

June 28th

Linda S DeNike works with Sage-Age individuals who have big things to do in their life in a fit body to boot. She has 40 years of dance and healing movement experience and well over 20,000 hours instructing sensitive souls in healing and intuitive energy studies. She brings it all together in her business, Holistic Mind & Movement! You will love listening to Linda!

June 21st

Jen Hardy is a podcaster with 2 podcasts, the author of several books, a meetup group, 2 masterminds, and most recently a daily email called “Jen’s Friends” designed to alleviate loneliness and encourage women over 50 to create the life of their dreams. She is one busy woman! You will love listening to Jen talk about all the different things she does.

June 14th

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA is a life-long learner, spiritual sojourner and cultural creative. She believes that we must use our innate wisdom as mature, creative women changemakers to help heal humanity and the planet. In doing so, we create a new paradigm of feminine leadership and an enduring legacy of (r)evolutionary social change. She is the Founder and Director of The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success.

Download Your Free Gift: “5 Essential Tools to Lead the Revolution Toward Love, Light and Liberation – A Spiritual Guide for Changemakers” https://thewrightresort.com/spiritual-guide/

June 7th

Marsha Vanwynsberghe is a storytelling NLP Trainer, Speaker, Publisher and Author. She also is a mother who dealt with teen substance abuse. You will love listening to Marsha tell her story and help us understand how to work with ours.

May 24th

Sherrilynne Starkie is an award-winning communications consultant. A problem solver and big picture thinker, she has an international reputation as a social media innovator, is a prolific blogger and podcaster. Her goal for her 50 Women Over 50 podcast is to talk with women over 50 to learn how they see the world; what lessons they’ve learned in life; what advice they have for us all. You will love listening to Sherrilynne talk about her work.

May 17th

Nancy Griffin is a wellness and hospitality expert with more than 30 years of experience. She has a podcast Glowing Older and a B2B platform Senior Trade for senior living and aging services professionals. Her newest project is Expose Ageism to combat ageism in the wellness and beauty industries. You will love listening to Nancy talk about her important work.

May 10th

Betsy Clark has been a successful entrepreneur for 44 years. Previously working in interior design, Betsy created beauty with paint. Now she uses words. Her transformational coaching places emphasis on women’s inherent brilliance so they can show up as they truly intend. You will love listening to Betsy! She is so much fun!

May 3rd

Berit Lewis is the author of the book Ageing Upwards, a mindfulness based framework to the longevity revolution. Learn from Berit how learning and applying mindfulness to the process of ageing can help everything go more smoothly.

April 26th

Melissa Tohlakai is expert in helping women navigate menopause naturally without the side effects of HRT or other medications. She is a qualified Wholistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Board-Certified Holistic Practitioner. She also is a gifted artist. You will love listening to and learning from Melissa.

April 19th

As a Certified Image Consultant and a Certified Coach, Katherine Lazaruk has been helping professional women and men learn to walk, talk, act, and look like leaders for over a decade. You will be delighted to hear how she challenges the status quo in her coaching, writing, and songwriting.

April 12th

Rebecca Danigelis is the 80 year-old star of the critically acclaimed and award-nominated documentary Duty Free. After being fired from her long-time career as a hotel housekeeper at the age of 75, Danigelis has become an activist against ageism in both workplaces and communities. Rebecca is so much fun! You will love listening to her!

April 5th

Michelle Fishburne’s life was turned upside down in 2020. She lost her job, her house, and her last kid went off to college. Now what? You will love listening to Michelle talk about her life as an RV nomad and the hundreds of people she talked to during COVID as she traveled 12,000 miles.

March 29th

Vicki DeArmon has been in the book publishing industry since she was 25 years old. She’s been a publisher, a bookseller, marketing and events director, an industry consultant, and a writer. Now at age 63, she’s launched a new book publishing company, Sibylline Press (www.sibyllinepress.com), dedicated to publishing the brilliant fiction and memoirs of women authors over 50. You will love listening to Vicki!

March 22nd

At 80, Nan McKay, a speaker on how to reignite your life with significance after 60, provides podcasts, YouTube channels, courses, and books to empower women. She helps women small business owners with their #1 problem: generating leads with targeted marketing by designing webinars and quizzes customized for each client. Nan also has founded several companies, so she knows what she’s talking about! You will love listening to Nan!

March 15th

Dr. Carolyn Torkelson and Dr. Catherine Maienau have devoted their professional lives to working with and advocating for women. Now they have turned their attention to the lives of older women, and have written a brilliant book “Beyond Menopause: New Pathways to Holistic Health.” You will love listening to and learning from these outstanding women.

March 8th

Louise Nayer has written six books and won many awards for her writing, including being selected as an Oprah Great Read and the Wisconsin Library Association Award. She talks about her most recent book, “Narrow Escapes,” and what it takes to be a writer. You will love listening to Louise, and you will learn a lot.

March 1st

Vicki Dello Joio draws on decades of theater performance and directing experience, along with her life-long study of martial arts to fire up visionary speakers to amplify their charisma and deliver their message with passion, presence, and power. Vicki is the author of the book “The Way of Joy,” which also is a spiritual fitness program. Vicki is a joy herself, and you will love listening to her.

February 22nd

Dr. Megan Gerhardt has been working in the field of generational differences in the workplace for many years. Her book “Gentelligence: A Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce” is one of the first to explore deeply the importance of looking at the positives each generation brings to organizations. You will love listening to Megan who is a real expert in her field.

February 15th

Dr. Judith Ruskay Rabinor is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant. She has an active psychotherapy practice and also runs writing workshops. She has had an amazing background including working with 9-11 survivors and mental health providers in Uganda. We had such a fun discussion. You will love listening to Judy.

February 8th

Kimberly Wiefling helps people achieve what seems impossible but is merely difficult. Her work involves turning managers into true leaders and groups into teams. She has been described as a “force of nature,” and as you listen to her, you will feel yourself immersed in her energy.

February 1st

Wendy Green is the host of the inspiring live show and podcast “Hey, Boomer!” designed for people 55-75 who are looking for ways to live meaningful, fulfilling lives. Wendy believes we are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. You will love listening to Wendy talk about her fun, varied, and successful business life.

January 25th

Helen Dennis is the co-author of “Project Renewment: The First Retirement Model for Career Women” and an expert on issues of aging and the new retirement. She also is the co-founder of Project Renewment, a movement of career women defining their next chapters in life. You will love listening to Helen talk about work AND retirement and how we are in the midst of a massive change in our definition of what retirement means.

January 18th

After a long, successful career in the restaurant business, Stephanie made a big pivot and began what has become her second very successful career teaching yoga primarily to older women. In this conversation Stephanie talks about why yoga is so important for us as we age. She also describes her yoga retreats to fascinating places all over the world. You will love listening to Stephanie!

January 11th

Susan Davis was born to be a cocreator and to help the rest of us touch more deeply into our own creativity no matter what age we are. You will love listening to Susan talk about what creativity is and why it is so important to us as we become older adults.

December 21st

Dr. Deb Miller is a mental health therapist who has worked with children, adults, and couples for over 30 years. She is the author of “More Than Sorry: 5 Steps to Deepen Your Apology After You Have Committed Infidelity.” In her conversation she explains how by exploring any transgression one can gain wisdom that will lead to stronger and more intimate personal connections.

December 14th

Laura Davis is the author of “The Burning Light of Two Stars,” “The Courage to Heal,” and four other groundbreaking books. For more than 20 years she has helped people find their voices, tell their stories, and hone their craft. She also is a lot of fun to talk to!

December 7th

Krista Van Laan is an architectural historian by night and a hi tech worker by day. She lives in San Jose, CA, and delves into the historical background of often one-of-a-kind homes in San Jose. She has lived life on her own terms, and she was fascinating to talk with. You will love listening to her.

November 30th

Tracey Gendron, PhD, is an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Gerontology and the Executive Director of the Virginia Center on Aging at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the author of the fascinating and essential new book “Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End It.

November 16th

When Siobhan was 60, she took early retirement, sold her belongings, bought a motorhome, and embarked on her solo trip around Great Britain. You will love listening to Siobhan talk about the ups and downs of this journey that she is still on. . .and still loving it!

November 9th

Carolyn Buck Luce is one of America’s most respected and accomplished voices on Women’s Leadership and their relationship to power. Carolyn has an accomplished career in both the public and private sectors focusing on helping courageous leaders make the difference they dream of. Carolyn uses her proprietary Decade Game to coach some of the world’s most remarkable women today. Her recent book is “Epic! The Women’s Power Play Book.”

November 2nd

Michela Di Carlo is an experienced bilingual (English/Italian)_ journalist, content editor, and copywriter with an MA in Communication Studies from the University of Rome. A late bloomer herself, Michela is the founder of the digital lifestyle magazine CrunchyTales.com dedicated to late bloomers. Speaking from her home in Rome, Michela is so much fun! You will love listening to her.

October 25th

Heather Booth is one of the country’s leading strategists about progressive issue campaigns and driving issues in elections. She has been involved in every major issue facing our country since the 1960s and now is passionately involved in ensuring success for progressives and progressive issues in the upcoming election. She also is a warm and loving woman whom you will thoroughly enjoy listening to.

October 12th

From her earliest memories, Donna has been helping and supporting people, particularly women, move through fears and challenges to have a vibrant life. She describes briefly some of the spiritual work she does. Donna is a warm, loving woman, and you will enjoy listening to her.

October 5th

Elizabeth White is the author of “55, Underemployed and Faking Normal.” She is an advocate for older adults facing uncertain work and financial insecurity. She tells her story of having a Harvard MBA and years of experience in high profile positions and being unemployed because of the economic times and her age. You will love listening to Elizabeth.

September 14th

Kristi H. Sullivan definitely is a Human Design expert. Her book “Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing!” is an Amazon best-seller and she collaborated on five other books. She’s a teacher, a speaker, and a long-time yoga instructor. You will love listening to and learning from Kristi!

September 7th

Darla Evon is an international speaker, best-selling author, Transformational Life Mastery Coach, and board-certified master practitioner of NLP & Mental and Emotional Release. You will love listening to Darla talk about her own life-journey and her two books: “Broken to Beautiful” and “Short Sweet & Sacred.”

August 24th

Teri Bach is an outstanding coach for women over 50 who are looking for “what’s next?” She deeply believes in each of us living our dreams and not giving up. And she has her own life experience to prove how possible it is. You’ll love listening to Teri.

August 17th

Diana Dunbar Place had a brilliant career in high-level positions with well-known companies. At one point she realized it was not what she wanted to continue doing. Following her heart, she founded Third Act Quest and also the 333 Collective. You will love listening to Diana talk about her work and her passion for what she does.

July 27th

John Cochran is President and CEO of HumanGood, the sixth largest nonprofit senior living provider in the country. HumanGood’s mission is to inspire the best life for the residents, team members, and everyone in the HumanGood family regardless of physical, social, or economic circumstances. John talks about what an exciting time this is to be in the transition of how our society sees and talks about aging.

July 18th

Sandra Yancey describes her experience as the CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork, a multimillion-dollar enterprise with over 500,000 women connected through 118 chapters spread across North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She also beautifully describes what it’s like to have a first granddaughter.

June 29th

Chip Conley is a former founder and CEO of a successful boutique hotel company, the modern elder and mentor to CEO Brian Chesky at Airbnb, and a co-founder of Modern Elder Academy on the Mexican beachfront and soon to be two new campuses in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

June 16th

Janine Vanderburg is an energy force to be reckoned with! She is the Director of Changing the Narrative, the nation’s leading effort to change the way people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism. You’ll love listening to her talk about ageist greeting cards, the concrete business reasons to retain an intergenerational workforce, and the impact of gendered ageism on women’s health care.

June 8th

Gail Zelitzky and Catherine Marienau are two incredible women over 70 who have sparked a robust movement for older women. You will love listening to them talk about how they got to building an amazing following for the podcast Women Over 70-Aging Reimagined and what might be next for them.

June 1st

Vicki Larson is a longtime award-winning journalist at a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper. She also is the author of Not Too Old for That: How Women are Changing the Story of Aging. Her writing can be found in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, AARP’s The Ethel, Aeon, WHYY, Quartz, HuffPost, and Medium. (Photo Credit: Penni Gladstone)

May 11th

Nancy Kline is the pioneer of the body of thought and practice known as the Thinking Environment. She is the Founding Director of Time To Think, a global leadership development and coaching company. Nancy also is the author of 4 books including her most recent best-seller, “The Promise That Changes Everything: I Won’t Interrupt You.” In this interview Nancy describes how she feels about being old and also outlines her vision for the future of the Thinking Environment. You will love listening to her!

April 29th

Jeanette Leardi is a social gerontologist, community educator, writer, editor, public speaker, and aging wellness leader who has a passion for older adult empowerment. She is a leading voice in the work to dismantle gendered ageism.

April 13th

Patti Smith is a dynamo who is creating waves in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She is a lifelong educator with a focus now on young women and girls. You will love listening to Patti describe what it took to establish her Living Her Legacy project.

March 30th

Alison van Diggelen is a regular contributor to BBC World Service. Her reports have appeared on PRI’s The World, NPR.s KQED in San Francisco, and the Huffington Post. She is an interviewer extraordinaire who knows how to bring her guests fully alive to the listeners. Her podcast, Fresh Dialogues, is outstanding.

March 16th

Susan Douglas is an author, speaker, and professor. She has a lifetime of work advocating for women of all ages. She is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to get together in conversation to strengthen feminism in our country.

February 23rd

Rebecca Bloom is a storytelling coach, editor, content strategist, and writer. She has written and edited numerous books, led classes and workshops, and coached writers. You will love listening to Rebecca talk about the importance of story, especially for women who are the carriers of story in every culture.

February 9th

Amy Collette is an author, speaker, and author coach. Feel as if you have a non-fiction book in you just waiting to be written? Amy is an author coach extraordinaire and can get you from foggy idea to published book. You’ll love listening to her talk about her Unleash Your Inner Author System.

February 2nd

Michelle Schuman tells her amazing story of having spent 40 years as an environmentalist in Alaska loving the natural beauty and fighting the sexism and gendered ageism all along the way.

January 19th

Julie Ulstrup is truly an “Elevator of Women.” You will love listening to her describe how she is able to bring out the very best in the women she photographs for a beautiful portrait no matter what the occasion.

Connect with Julie at [email protected]. You can pick up her free guide, How to Look and Feel Fantastic in EVERY Picture, at www.julieulstrup.com/speaker-form.

January 5th

Karin Olson’s mission is to launch purpose-driven entrepreneurs into making a big difference in the world in whatever way is important to them while at the same time making a very good living. You will love her passion for her work! And you will also pick up some great tips!

December 15th

Alka Joshi describes why she decided to write her best-selling book The Henna Artist and then what led to the next book The Secret Keeper of Jaipur and what led to the third book in the trilogy. She also describes the differences in how older women are treated in India and in the US.

December 1st

Bonnie Marcus has spent her entire professional life championing the role of women in the workplace. Her primary focus now is on gendered ageism, particularly in the workplace, and how it affects all women.

November 17th

Cara Wykowski is a champion for women over 50! She’s the Founder of My Girlfriend Voice, that inner voice that supports you and keeps the pesky inner critic at bay.

November 10th

Susan Rueppel is a woman of many talents. You will love hearing her talk about the work she did in her company “WINtuition” (WINtuition.com) and how she has used that and her corporate experience to make the amazing impact she’s making now for impact organizations, her preferred term for non-profits, and for women in their wisdom years.

November 3rd

Ashton Applewhite is a leading spokesperson for the emerging movement to raise awareness of ageism and to dismantle it. You will love listening to Ashton talk about her work and where it’s going. She’s a firecracker!

October 20th

Dr. Ellen Snee discusses her life-long focus on working with women leaders and how all this experience lead to her new book Lead. She also addresses directly how feelings about getting older can be addressed and changed.

October 12th

Lisa Felder is an ultrarunner extraordinaire! Known as Mama Lisa to her running colleagues and all those she coaches, she describes how she got interested in running very long foot races and the amazing work she’s doing now coaching people of all ages to fulfill their running dreams.

September 22nd

Mary Rawles is a personal trainer who focuses on helping women stay fit, strong, and healthy as they age. During this podcast she talks about what specific things women can do to maintain or develop strong bodies as they get older.

September 15th

Walt Sutton is a very successful businessman, consultant, coach, and author. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of senior women. He and his outlook on life are remarkable. Come listen to our conversation about life in general and older women in particular.

August 30th

Caterina Rando is an extremely successful entrepreneur who works with women to help them thrive in their businesses. Here she talks about her business and what’s important to her.

August 18th

Stephanie O’Dell is the Founder of Celebrate the Gray, a full-service agency for and about the 50+ woman. She represents over 70 gray-haired models and works with companies to use real faces and authentic stories of positive aging.

August 4th

Dr. Barbara Mark discusses the amazing work she’s done over the years coaching and advocating for senior professional women in midlife. She also discusses her views of how our work organizations do not deal with the issues around menopause that affect all women at some point in their lives.

July 29th

Sky Bergman describes the outstanding film she made (Lives Well Lived) of interviews with vibrant women and men from 75-100+. She also discusses her fabulous intergenerational work and how anyone can set up a similar process.