We are on the cusp of a major social change. Can you feel it? Join your host, Sara Hart, as she brings you conversations that will inspire, celebrate and empower women over 55. It is time for us to fuel the spark that will ignite our way forward, illuminate our path and reflect our gifts in the world. This is our Prime Spark for living a fulfilling life.

January 19th

Julie Ulstrup is truly an “Elevator of Women.” You will love listening to her describe how she is able to bring out the very best in the women she photographs for a beautiful portrait no matter what the occasion.

Connect with Julie at [email protected]. You can pick up her free guide, How to Look and Feel Fantastic in EVERY Picture, at www.julieulstrup.com/speaker-form.

January 5th

Karin Olson’s mission is to launch purpose-driven entrepreneurs into making a big difference in the world in whatever way is important to them while at the same time making a very good living. You will love her passion for her work! And you will also pick up some great tips!

December 15th

Alka Joshi describes why she decided to write her best-selling book The Henna Artist and then what led to the next book The Secret Keeper of Jaipur and what led to the third book in the trilogy. She also describes the differences in how older women are treated in India and in the US.

December 1st

Bonnie Marcus has spent her entire professional life championing the role of women in the workplace. Her primary focus now is on gendered ageism, particularly in the workplace, and how it affects all women.

November 17th

Cara Wykowski is a champion for women over 50! She’s the Founder of My Girlfriend Voice, that inner voice that supports you and keeps the pesky inner critic at bay.

November 10th

Susan Rueppel is a woman of many talents. You will love hearing her talk about the work she did in her company “WINtuition” (WINtuition.com) and how she has used that and her corporate experience to make the amazing impact she’s making now for impact organizations, her preferred term for non-profits, and for women in their wisdom years.

November 3rd

Ashton Applewhite is a leading spokesperson for the emerging movement to raise awareness of ageism and to dismantle it. You will love listening to Ashton talk about her work and where it’s going. She’s a firecracker!

October 20th

Dr. Ellen Snee discusses her life-long focus on working with women leaders and how all this experience lead to her new book Lead. She also addresses directly how feelings about getting older can be addressed and changed.

October 12th

Lisa Felder is an ultrarunner extraordinaire! Known as Mama Lisa to her running colleagues and all those she coaches, she describes how she got interested in running very long foot races and the amazing work she’s doing now coaching people of all ages to fulfill their running dreams.

September 22nd

Mary Rawles is a personal trainer who focuses on helping women stay fit, strong, and healthy as they age. During this podcast she talks about what specific things women can do to maintain or develop strong bodies as they get older.

September 15th

Walt Sutton is a very successful businessman, consultant, coach, and author. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of senior women. He and his outlook on life are remarkable. Come listen to our conversation about life in general and older women in particular.

August 30th

Caterina Rando is an extremely successful entrepreneur who works with women to help them thrive in their businesses. Here she talks about her business and what’s important to her.

August 18th

Stephanie O’Dell is the Founder of Celebrate the Gray, a full-service agency for and about the 50+ woman. She represents over 70 gray-haired models and works with companies to use real faces and authentic stories of positive aging.

August 4th

Dr. Barbara Mark discusses the amazing work she’s done over the years coaching and advocating for senior professional women in midlife. She also discusses her views of how our work organizations do not deal with the issues around menopause that affect all women at some point in their lives.

July 29th

Sky Bergman describes the outstanding film she made (Lives Well Lived) of interviews with vibrant women and men from 75-100+. She also discusses her fabulous intergenerational work and how anyone can set up a similar process.