I have a new pack of 2”x 3.5” size cards held together on a ring that I really like, which isn’t surprising since I wrote the questions on the cards! The card that grabbed my attention today says: “If you were to decide, ‘OK! I’m going to be all-in in this life that I have.’ What would you commit to?”

Women Over 50: Are You All-In?

This card seems so relevant to me right now because last week I got a phone call from a friend who lives on the East Coast, where I used to live. We had a wonderful friendship, doing lots of fun (and sometimes dangerous) things together. And then I moved to the West Coast and we gradually became Christmas and birthday card friends, along with two or three phone calls a year. I last spoke to her at the end of December to wish her a happy birthday, and she described what she was going to do that day.

When she called last week, I couldn’t understand what she was saying for many, many minutes. And then I finally realized that she was saying she is in hospice, with a very short time to live. As you can imagine, this really shook me.

In the days following that initial conversation, I have thought AGAIN about how unpredictable life is. We never know from one day to the next how we’ll be, how our friends and loved ones will be. Everything can change in a flash. And I think this becomes even more true as we get older. An unexpected event can have even more devastating consequences than when we were younger.

Your Time

Given that reality, how do you want to spend your time, and with whom? Is there something your heart is yearning for that you’ve put on hold until there’s time, or there’s money, or whatever? What difference do you want your life to have made? What legacy do you want to leave? This doesn’t necessarily need to have an earth-changing impact, although it certainly might. Maybe you want to be remembered for being kind to everyone, or for listening carefully to everyone you spoke with.

Is there currently something that is affecting you deeply, like the climate crisis, childhood hunger, our inequitable education or health care systems, gendered ageism, systemic racism—even just in your community? The issues go on and on. If making a dent in any of these things seems totally unrealistic, what if you got a group of friends together who also share your concerns? As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

My Invitation To You

At the beginning of this new year, I invite you to go all-in, in whatever way is meaningful for you. Our lives are precious. Let’s make every minute count. As for me, I’ll be redoubling my efforts in getting the Prime Spark message out to as many women as possible and also to explore the possibility of organizing a co-mentoring circle for women connected with Prime Spark and high school girls. Women Over 50: Are You All-In?

If you decide to commit to being all-in for 2024, I would love to hear from you with a brief description of what you’re committing to. I will include these commitments in the March newsletter with your name and contact information (if acceptable to you), so anyone who has the same interest can get in touch with you, even if just for a Zoom call. Thank you!

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The Prime Spark Membership Community is designed for women 50 (or close) and older to support one anotherWe learn and grow together while furthering the mission of Prime Spark. Membership currently is closed. If you’re interested in joining, please send an email to [email protected] and ask to be placed on the waitlist.

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