We are on the cusp of a major social change. Can you feel it? If not, make no mistake. It is about to come on the scene and be unforgettable.

We are about to see the ascendancy of older women, women over 55. In droves, we will be standing up and saying, “It’s time for a change.” 

It may feel like a revolution.  Or a transformation. Or even at times like a quiet, but steady and unrelenting change to the way things have been. The status quo has met its last hurrah.

As Gloria Steinem said, “One day an army of gray-haired women may quietly take over the Earth.”

For some women, it will feel like a ‘taking over of the earth.’ But for others, it will be a quiet putting down the chains of what was and has been and picking up a ‘let’s do this’ attitude as their call to arms. A call to begin … or to continue … making a significant contribution to some of the gnarly problems that are facing us at the present time. 

Because it is time.

Time to end the blocking messages that our culture sends to us as older women daily, directly or, more often, subtly. In turns the messages come through places like advertising … showing svelte young women working out without sweating at the gym … or places like our social outlets – movies and television shows casting beautiful, young women, and showing gray-haired women as incompetent or needing the kindness of others to get along.

As a woman over 55, you are in the prime of your life. Our modern world affords many of us advances in health care, nutrition, and exercise that bring current life expectancy to ~80 years. 

Given that you are at the point in your life where you have the most experience, sensitivity, and wisdom to offer the world, it truly is your time. Your skills are well honed. You know what it means to work hard and you have the expertise to get along with others on a team. You know how to plan and to get things done on time and within budget. You’ve been the silent CEO, CFO and COO managing families, homes, budgets, businesses, jobs, teams, extended family members for years and years.

You are in your prime, and it is time to find or to fan the spark inside you … the one that yearns to make more of an impact in the world.  It is time to get in intimate touch with that spark. That is the spark in the prime of your life. 

That is your Prime Spark

And it will light your way forward into a world that desperately needs you. Because it is your time. Your future is rising and your legacy awaits.

Are you ready?  Let’s go!